Heritage buildings are unique pieces of our history, so remediation needs to be performed in a way that maintains their heritage value.

As a heritage asset owner, you understand the importance of accurately replicating historic materials and ensuring that underlying issues are rectified without compromising the structure’s unique appearance.

Duratec has extensive experience in the remediation of heritage buildings and we apply a sympathetic approach to the works. We are mindful of the overarching principles of conservation, which depending on the project scope, will include a combination of rehabilitation, restoration and reconstruction.

We recommend Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) so you benefit from the collaborative input of stakeholders, heritage architects and expert consultants, as well as increased budget accuracy and the mitigation of project risks.

Duratec can provide initial surveys and trials that will help identify latent conditions, develop sample finishes and establish acceptable project parameters and outcomes.

This includes the:

  • Extent of the rehabilitation, restoration and reconstruction
  • Permitted building materials and requirements
  • Expected standards of surface finish, colour and texture
  • Life expectancy and long-term durability requirements
  • Structural upgrading expectations
  • Limitations of site and building usage during the works
  • Project duration
  • Budgetary considerations and value for money
  • Methods required to ensure a high level of safety compliance

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