The protection of assets from corrosion is a key commercial, safety and environmental issue. Our expertise in the selection and application of high protective coating systems will significantly enhance your asset’s operational performance and working lifespan.

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Abrasive Blasting & Painting

The protection of steel and concrete by abrasive blasting and coating is one of the most economical and effective methods of combating corrosion, chemical attack and abrasion.

Duratec uses only professional tradespersons and NACE qualified inspectors to install and inspect high quality protective coating systems. We maintain PCCP accreditation demonstrating our commitment to quality and safety according to industry best practice and guidelines.

Concrete Repair

Well designed, properly constructed reinforced concrete structures are highly durable in most environments, but the integrity of many assets can be impacted by aggressive service environments and severe conditions which leads to cracking and corrosion of the reinforcing steel which leads to spalling or concrete cancer.

Duratec provides fit-for-purpose concrete repair solutions which address the root causes, not just the symptoms. The types of repair we offer include: wet and dry sprayed systems, formed and poured sections, vertical overhead rendering, shotcrete and hand placed.


High Performance Coatings

A properly selected and applied coating system will reduce the rate of corrosion and its associated costs. Having a full understanding of how a product may be applied and how it will perform in its service situation, is invaluable when it comes to rolling out products for use in remediation or construction.

By trialling different products and application methods, we provide our clients with the best coating systems to suit the service conditions of their assets and our in-house NACE inspectors ensure coatings meet the quality control requirements outlined within our clients’ protective coatings specifications.

Blast & Paint Facilities

The correct surface preparation, selection and application of a protective coating system is vital in maximising the life of an asset.

Duratec complement our site works capabilities with three blast and paint facilities in Kalgoorlie, Karratha and Darwin. These facilities have dedicated abrasive blasting and painting enclosures able to accommodate any size project from small equipment pieces to large dump trucks and are staffed by experienced industry professionals, tradespersons and NACE qualified inspectors.


Cathodic Protection

CP systems are an electrical means of controlling corrosion in steel. CP can be applied using sacrificial (galvanic) anodes, impressed current systems or a combination of both – hybrid CP.

Choosing the right CP design will reduce the failures and leaks associated with corrosion and lower the associated costs. Duratec excels in the protection of corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete – the major contributing factor in concrete degradation. Remaining at the forefront of technology, we are an experienced contractor utilising hybrid CP systems which significantly reduce the costs of both the systems installation and ongoing maintenance.

Joint Sealing

Joint sealants may only represent a very small part of the overall cost of a construction project, they play a crucial part in keeping a building air and watertight, to prevent serious damage and a loss of thermal insulation – the costs of which can obviously be considerable.

Duratec understands the functionality of concrete joints and the importance of the selection of the correct sealant systems and installation methods to maintain their integrity. Some of the joint sealing systems we offer include: construction systems, waterproofing systems, linings, water retainment, window and façade sealing and expansion joint replacement.


Acid Protection

Processing chemicals can have a devastating effect on any surface they come in contact with, so detailed design and precision installation is critical in the protection of steel and concrete substrates from chemical attack.

Duratec has many years of experience in the specification and installation of chemical proof lining systems, including vinyl esters, novolac epoxies, HDPE liners and acid resistant bricks.


The application and maintenance of fireproofing systems for critical infrastructure is a vital safety issue as this type of protection provides time for the occupants to escape and for firefighting services to safely enter the structure.

Duratec can provide a variety of solutions designed to prevent or delay the failure of concrete and steel structures exposed to fire in commercial and industrial construction, oil and gas applications and mining operations.

Specialist Access Division

Industrial Chimney

Asset owners are often faced with the challenges of obtaining a preliminary understanding of the integrity of their structures whilst remaining operational or minimising access costs, especially with large structures such as chimney stacks.

Our team has extensive experience in the inspection and maintenance of industrial chimney stacks and provide access systems in a variety of forms including: rope access, swing stage, bespoke platform, Alimak and mast climber. We can inspect the stack either online or offline as part of a maintenance strategy or in response to a problem.

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