Indigenous Engagement

Duratec is committed to building and fostering opportunities for employment and training for Indigenous people within our operations. Nationally, we provide blue-and white-collar positions for people with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds.

We strive to close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and work together to provide every individual with an equal opportunity to be represented in our workforce, to share the benefit of employment with their family and to encourage future generations.

We acknowledge and respect Indigenous people, their culture, language, traditions and connection to country and actively work to create a mutual understanding to strengthen engagement across our operations.

To cultivate positive engagement and create greater understanding across our workforce, all employees participate in Cultural Awareness and Working with Respect training, and we operate in compliance with our Equal Employment Opportunity Policy.

Duratec and Dundee Rock together formed the company DDR Australia in 2017. Dundee Rock is a 100% Aboriginal owned business and has been operating for over 15 years. DDR Australia provides Indigenous employment opportunities across Australia. By investing in individuals, we can positively impact whole families and communities.

Most importantly, we recognise and respect the traditional landowners as our host on their country on which our projects are located.

10 – DDR Employee Damian Taylor (12)
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At Duratec, we recognise diversity and an individual’s capability beyond gender, culture, age, language, race, background and disability. We respect the contribution opportunity for an inclusive workforce for the business’s success and shareholder value.

Diversity in our workplace brings an enormous wealth of experience and backgrounds, which promotes innovation and productivity, creating value for our capabilities and the long-term success of our business.

We are committed to building an inclusive workplace for individuals to act and belong in a work environment with equality for all employees to achieve their full potential.

Diversity and inclusion strengthen our business and broaden our capabilities through each and everyone’s collective backgrounds.