Fender Repairs & Upgrades

It is essential to maintain the integrity of fender systems as they act as elastic buffers to slow ships down and prevent damage to the ship or dock structure during the mooring process.

Our extensive experience includes fender remediation, upgrades and replacement for the Department of Defence, port authorities, water corporations and marine service providers.

Pile Cleaning & Protection

Providing fundamental support, piles are set deep into the ground to create a stable base for the construction of a structure.

Our experience in remediating piles includes assets such as bridges, maritime structures and commercial buildings and encompasses concrete repairs, coating repairs, pile strengthening and cathodic protection systems.


Cathodic Protection

CP systems are an electrical means of controlling corrosion in steel. CP can be applied using sacrificial (galvanic) anodes, impressed current systems or a combination of both – hybrid CP.

Choosing the right CP design will reduce the failures and leaks associated with corrosion and lower the associated costs.

Duratec excels in the protection of corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete – the major contributing factor in concrete degradation. Remaining at the forefront of technology, we are an experienced contractor utilising hybrid CP systems which significantly reduce the costs of both the systems installation and ongoing maintenance.

Bridge Maintenance

Bridge remediation presents many challenges in terms of testing for integrity and ensuring the structure meets the original design specifications.

Surface areas of bridges including decks and approaches receive heavy traffic and impact damage which means they require repairs and upgrades together with resurfacing, strengthening, overlays and expansion joint replacement.

We can identify the cause and extent of deterioration and the severity of structural or material distress, all of which will ultimately affect the bridge’s future load-bearing capacity. From these findings we can formulate a remediation strategy to address these issues and increase the remaining service life of the structure.


Asbestos & Lead Paint Removal

Hazardous materials removal must be performed in a way that includes planning and preparation for the work, definition and preparation of the work area, removal of contaminated material, encapsulation of contaminated material and completion of clean-up activities.

We are experienced in the removal of asbestos and lead paint and have successfully completed many projects for the Department of Defence, heritage buildings and mine site asset owners with no health, safety or environmental issues.

Abrasive Blasting & Painting

The protection of steel and concrete by abrasive blasting and coating is one of the most economical and effective methods of combating corrosion, chemical attack and abrasion.

Duratec uses only professional tradespersons and NACE qualified inspectors to install and inspect high quality protective coating systems. We maintain PCCP accreditation demonstrating our commitment to quality and safety according to industry best practice and guidelines.


Electrical Upgrades

Electrical systems that have outlived their expected lifespans can create an operational and safety risk.

Replacement reduces risk and provides the opportunity for improved system functionality through the latest technologies. The services and systems we provide include full electrical building upgrades, lighting and power installations and upgrades, switchboards and lightning protection systems, installation of fibre optic services, fire remediation systems, emergency lighting, fueling system upgrades, hazardous area upgrades, service tunnel lighting and upgrades, ring main upgrades and HV works.

Specialist Civil Services

Duratec possesses a diverse range of civil engineering experience and can provide a wide range of specialist civil services to complement our core maintenance and protection capabilities.

This diverse ability provides single point accountability for our clients meaning a large range of services can be delivered under one contract. We have the capability to complete the whole project from bulk earthworks, detailed earthworks, steel fixing, forming and pouring of concrete, right through to final backfill and compaction. We construct infrastructure foundations, decks and pavements for projects associated with Defence,  transport, mining, energy, water and marine infrastructure.


Fuel Infrastructure Upgrades

Fuel infrastructure should be regularly inspected as corrosion can pose a threat to the surrounding environment as well as the possibility of fuel contaminated with corroded matter finding its way into plant and equipment.

Our team has delivered multiple fuel projects for commercial, resources and Defence clients and we understand the specific requirements associated with various flammable and combustible fuels. We are also experienced in the remediation of fuel facilities.

Concrete Repair

Well designed, properly constructed reinforced concrete structures are highly durable in most environments, but the integrity of many assets can be impacted by aggressive service environments and severe conditions which leads to cracking and corrosion of the reinforcing steel which leads to spalling or concrete cancer.

Duratec provides fit-for-purpose concrete repair solutions which address the root causes, not just the symptoms. The types of repair we offer include: wet and dry sprayed systems, formed and poured sections, vertical overhead rendering, shotcrete and hand placed.


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