Jack Up Barge Hire Service

Solve your overwater access challenges with the Duratec jack up barge.

Based in Dampier, Western Australia our jack up barge provides cost effective over water access solutions that is available for hire and transport Australia wide.

Our jack up barge is a self-elevating platform meaning it can be elevated out of the water above waves and tidal movements which provides a safe and stable platform for working. There are four piles (spuds) located at the corners of the jack up barge which can be hydraulically jacked up/down through the end barge modules to lift the barge clear of the water surface.

The barge’s 11 hull, modular construction enables it to be transported by road or vessel anywhere in Australia which most importantly minimises mobilisation costs.

Jack up barges can be utilised in a range of marine environments which include estuarial waters, ports, rivers, dams and limited offshore areas where water depth and sea conditions permit.

Barge Features

  • Model Number RCP 100
  • 36m spud length (leg length)
  • 100 tonne load lift capacity
  • Onboard site office
  • Remote controlled jacking operation and gangway access
  • Certified man riding crane operated by remote control
  • Environmental spill containment equipment
  • Night lights
  • Road transportable

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