As Managing Contractor of the Harbour Trust’s repairs and asset maintenance program, Duratec’s role was two-fold – to conduct a condition audit of the Harbour Trust’s assets and provide project management services in the delivery of high-priority repairs and maintenance works.

Scope of works

Duratec was engaged by the Harbour Trust to be the managing contractor of their repairs and asset maintenance program. This project was divided into two objectives:

  • Objective 1- provision of advisory services to close the gaps on condition rating by completing an asset condition audit.
  • Objective 2 – prioritization and delivery of works packages for the Harbour Trust.

To complete objective 1, condition assessments of the Harbour Trust’s asset portfolio were completed, comprising over 300 buildings, 40 marine structures, and 100 miscellaneous structures across six sites. Many of these assets have heritage significance.

The data from the condition assessments was compiled to create a condition report for each site. Asset Management Plans and a Strategic Asset Management Plan were also created for the Harbour Trust’s ongoing use.


  • 3D modelling of stack and water towers on Cockatoo Island
  • Condition assessment of heritage structures
  • Creating a SAMP and AMPs

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