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Facade Refurbishments

Major facade refurbishments need to be executed professionally with critical attention focussed on public safety and minimal disruption to the building tenants, so detailed planning and communication with all stakeholders is vital.

Duratec’s personnel have many years of contracting experience delivering major facade refurbishments including concrete repairs, corrosion mitigation, architectural and engineered coatings, aluminium repair, waterproofing and diagnostic surveying. We also understand the stringent processes of heritage listed restorations and have completed many award-winning remediation heritage projects.

Building Fit Out

Building fit out, refurbishment and repurposing is the installation or change to internal fixtures, fittings and services within a premises.

Our experience in construction management, material selection and installation delivers quality results on time and to budget. Our previous projects include Defence, heritage, government, high rise commercial and residential, schools and universities, shopping centres, sports and recreational facilities, hospitals and medical centres, community centres and kitchen upgrades.



Over time the exterior surfaces of buildings are increasingly exposed to sunlight and moisture.

Without a preventive maintenance program, failing coatings will no longer protect the building’s substrate, encouraging the corrosion of concrete and steel elements. Our team of specialists can determine the best coating system for your needs, to ensure a durable, waterproof and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Structural Strengthening

Structural strengthening is required when a load carrying building element is under strength due to changes in applied loading conditions or because of poor construction or design inadequacy.

Structural strengthening an existing structure requires expert knowledge and strict compliance with application processes to assure structural integrity and Duratec is highly experienced in the installation of structural strengthening systems such as carbon fibre wraps, laminates and structural steel reinforcement.



Nearly every structural asset requires some form of waterproofing system to prevent water ingress or escape and waterproofing can be performed on the smallest planter box to the largest multi-storey building roof top, to basements, carparks and underground infrastructure.

Duratec is experienced in all the selection and quality installation of all types of waterproofing systems including structurally engineered injection solutions, liquid applied membranes, torch-down membranes, adhesive applied sheeting, plural component elastomers or a combination of all of them.

Flooring Systems

The coating of commercial and industrial concrete flooring is performed to provide protection, aesthetics and demarcation for safety and operational organisation.

Duratec has the experience and resources to deliver any size flooring project from large warehouses to specialised food processing areas, including anti-slip flooring, clear sealers and decorative finishes, heavy duty epoxy flooring and toppings, high build polyurethane flooring, pit, bund and sewer coating systems, rapid cure methacrylate (MMA) flooring systems, safety demarcation and epoxy flooring coatings.


Concrete Repair

Well designed, properly constructed reinforced concrete structures are highly durable in most environments, but the integrity of many assets can be impacted by aggressive service environments and severe conditions which leads to cracking and corrosion of the reinforcing steel which leads to spalling or concrete cancer.

Duratec provides fit-for-purpose concrete repair solutions which address the root causes, not just the symptoms. The types of repair we offer include: wet and dry sprayed systems, formed and poured sections, vertical overhead rendering, shotcrete and hand placed.

Glazing Replacement & Repair

Glazing must be resistant to weather conditions and impact and offer thermal insulation, sound-proofing, security and protection from UV light, so it’s essential that it is correctly installed and maintained.

Duratec provides tailor-made inspection and maintenance plans for your building and services include tinting, sealant and gasket replacement, window installations and replacement. Maintenance includes application of glass treatments, pollution and stain cleaning and investigative inspections.

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Asbestos & Lead Paint Removal

Hazardous materials removal must be performed in a way that includes planning and preparation for the work, definition and preparation of the work area, removal of contaminated material, encapsulation of contaminated material and completion of clean-up activities.

We are experienced in the removal of asbestos and lead paint and have successfully completed many projects for the Department of Defence, heritage buildings and mine site asset owners with no health, safety or environmental issues.

Electrical Upgrades

Electrical systems that have outlived their expected lifespans can create a safety and operational risk. Replacement reduces risk and provides the opportunity for improved system functionality through the latest technologies.

The services and systems we provide include full electrical building upgrades, lighting and power installations and upgrades, switchboards and lightning protection systems, installation of fibre optic services, fire remediation systems, emergency lighting, fueling system upgrades, hazardous area upgrades, service tunnel lighting and upgrades, ring main upgrades and HV works.


Wet & Dry Fire Systems

Firefighting systems play a vital role in stopping the spread of fire outbreaks which can endanger lives and damage property in a very short space of time.

We are experienced in the supply, installation and commissioning of both wet and dry fire systems across various industries including commercial buildings, refit and refurbishment works, Defence Estate works and bulk fuel installations.

Cladding Replacement

Selecting the right kind of façade cladding material is vital in ensuring excellent weather resistance, noise reduction and safety.

We select and install a wide a range of lightweight cladding options in a range of sizes and colours, which can be easily fabricated and fitted on site. With high formability and stability, our cladding materials have internationally proven and recognised fire performance.


HVAC Upgrades

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems controls the temperature, humidity and quality of the air in a building so professional, quality installation is essential.

Sending HVAC units for repairs entails significant costs, so it is also important to avoid future expense through regular preventive maintenance. We are experienced in the supply, installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance of HVAC systems for commercial buildings, refit and refurbishment works, Defence Estate works and bulk fuel installations.

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