Beroa utilised Duratec’s experience to refurbish the 170m chimney at Yallourn Power Station.


Duratec was engaged by Beroa Australia to assemble and install an Alimak personnel and materials hoist onto the chimney’s external wind wall and construct a circumferential platform complete with overhead anchorage structure at the chimney crown.

The scope of works included the assembly of a movable platform suspended from winch motors. The platform was lowered into the flue carrying 12 refractory bricklayers, tools, equipment and materials, capable of repairing over 40,000 bricks within the 14 day outage period.

In addition to the primary scope of works, Duratec provided suspended scaffolds, material handling services and assistance in external concrete and reinforcing steel repair on the chimney’s externals.


  • 6,584 total labour hours.
  • Zero reportable incidents and LTIs.
  • More than 10t of steel received and assembled atop the 170m structure in only 4 shifts.


  • Industrial Chimney
  • Concrete Repair

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