Torrens Island is located in the Port River Estuary, 15km north-west of Adelaide.


The 160m chimney stack at AGL’s Torrens Island Power Station was constructed in 1975 .

Duratec’s Specialist Access Division was engaged to undertake an inspection of the external reinforced concrete windshield and internal brick lining of the chimney stack via rope access to record and photograph the type, extent and location of all defects. The scope included:

Internal inspection:

  • Degradation to brickwork and mortar.
  • Overall condition survey.

External inspection and works:

  • Concrete cover meter survey.
  • Compressive strength testing.
  • Concrete core sample extraction.
  • Carbonation and chloride testing and analysis.
  • Investigation of concrete delamination/spalling and condition of exposed reinforcement steel.
  • Survey of access system, aircraft warning lights and lightning protection system.
  • Ultrasonic thickness testing of top cap.
  • Replacement of the height safety system.
  • Electrical system inspection, lighting change out and cable retention.


  • The site findings and risks, including laboratory test results were submitted in a detailed report to the client.
  • Duratec has a three year remediation contract at the power station.


  • Industrial Chimney
  • Condition Assessment
  • Non Destructive Testing & Structural Health Monitoring

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