The 1,400 megawatt sub-critical Tarong Power Station is located 45km south east of Kingaroy in the South Burnett region of Queensland. Construction began in 1979, with the first power unit commissioned in 1984.


Commissioned in 2003, Tarong North Power Station is adjacent to Tarong Power Station.

As a result of very good maintenance and the new coal reserves found at Meandu Mine, the power stations are likely to operate for another 20 years, but they will need to maintain their structural integrity until de-commissioning in 2035.

Duratec was engaged to conduct a condition survey by rope access at the Tarong North site. The scope included:

  • Concrete condition assessment by various NDT methods.
  • Ultrasonic thickness survey of the flue.
  • Removal of a section of lagging at each test point.
  • Sample extraction with laboratory analysis.
  • Comprehensive condition report with marked-up drawings.

The client received a detailed report highlighting all defects which will enable the future works to be accurately priced and the correct methodologies selected for the repair works.


  • A team of IRATA level 3 rope access technicians were engaged for the works, with a level 3 supervisor.
  • All works were completed on time despite delays due to weather conditions.
  • The chimney was inspected whilst online after a shutdown to avoid working above other work groups.


  • Industrial Chimney
  • Condition Assessment
  • Non Destructive Testing & Structural Health Monitoring

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