The Churchill and Brewongle grandstands were commissioned in the early 1980s and had reached a point where substantial maintenance was required.


The existing cladding was showing signs of deterioration and corrosion especially the soffit panels. Duratec was engaged by Sydney Cricket Ground Trust (SCGT) to remove and replace the existing perimeter cladding of the Churchill and Brewongle Stands at the SCG. It was critical to remove heavily corroded elements and carry out spot repairs to sections which were being overclad. Another aspect of our scope was to perform soffit cladding stabilisation works to the Brewongle stand to increase structural stability.

To access the stands’ perimeter Duratec implemented a combination of EWP and rope access crews. A total of four straight booms (135ft and 85ft) and one track-mounted versatile knuckle boom lift (also known as spider lift) were deployed to gain access to the underside and face of each stand, while rope access technicians were used in tight corners and inaccessible areas.

The project had a large range of potential hazards, time-constraints and interruptions relating to sporting events that were identified and suitably addressed prior to commencement of the works, ensuring the project was completed successfully.


  • Over 390 linear meters of cladding replacement completed.
  • Over 3000m2 of soffit cladding stabilisation completed.
  • Overclad solutions designed, engineered and installed for sections of the perimeter.
  • Careful selection and deployment of access solutions which could be relocated during events.
  • SCG remained fully operational during the project with ongoing sporting and corporate events.
  • Positive communication with stakeholders, client consultant, sports organisations, council and pitch curators.


  • Cladding Replacement

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