The VSBA combustible cladding works package 2 & 3 objective is to mitigate the potential fire risk of non-compliant ACP cladding, sisalation and insulation by way of full replacement with compliant non-combustible material.


Duratec has been awarded the design and construct contract which requires over 4000m2 of combustible ACP cladding, subframe, sisalation and insulation replacement to 5 buildings across 3 fully operational schools.

Under a design and construct contract VSBA selected Duratec as the most qualified contractor to undertake the works. All 5 buildings required to stay fully operational during the replacement
works requiring attention to detail when sequencing and stage of the works. This project scope includes:

  • Design, engineering and certification of the new noncombustible cladding, subframe system, sisalation and insulation.
  • Highlight areas of the existing structure that requires enhancement and upgrading due to original build issue or design life of material issues.
  • International and local procurement and fabrication of material.
  • High quality outcome achieving the client expectations.
  • Early investigations and planning to mitigate unforeseen issues during site work.
  • Engineered temporary weather solutions in case areas of exposed cladding could not be complete within the same day.


  • Duratec has managed the design and construct contract by coordinating all relevant engineering consultants, material suppliers, local councils, building certifiers and subcontractors.
  • The progress of the design and delivery of the project required clear communication to all stake holders involved in the project which included the VSBA representatives, the schools, client consultants and the superintendent.


  • Cladding Replacement

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