Recent investigation revealed that the Chermside Medical Complex may contain non-compliant cladding that will require replacement.


Duratec has been engaged to demolish the existing ACP combustible cladding (including removal from site and disposal) and the design, supply and installation of a new non-combustible cladding system to all four elevations of the medical complex.

The scope of works includes:

  • Removal/demolition of combustible cladding.
  • Supply and installation of non-combustible cladding.
  • Removal of all FC soffit cladding.
  • Supply and installation of new aluminium cladding.


  • As part of the Duratec existing cladding shop drawing and new cladding shop drawing process, Duratec completed a 3D point cloud survey for all cladding areas as well as a physical site measure. One major advantage of using a point cloud survey in lieu of traditional site measures is
    that workers are not required to physically measure every individual object (i.e. window or panel) enabling accurate as-built documentation. This greatly reduces time with large objects, hard to reach areas or occupied buildings.
  • The building is a fully operational day care centre. Therefore special attention was required relative to controlling noise and maintaining patient privacy during the entire duration of the works.
  • The colour of the replacement vertical aluminium product was carefully matched and selected to ensure the original architectural intent of the building was not compromised.
  • The original dated FC soffit cladding panels had begun to deteriorate and delaminate from the substrate. Duratec replaced the FC soffits with 3mm alum non-combustible alum panels including new upgraded sub framing. This significantly enhanced the appearance of the building.


  • Cladding Replacement

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