Built in 1910, the Port River Rail Bridge spans the Port River at Port Adelaide and consists of reinforced concrete piling, piers and abutments which support steel girders. The bridge carries 11 spans both on up and downtrack.


Duratec’s scope of work was part of the project programme critical path as it followed span removal and was required to be complete ready for placement of the new spans.

The works included preparation and placement of 80 grout pads poured to a tolerance of +/-1mm, 1m deep coring, anchoring and placement of restraint brackets under the same tolerance constraints.

In addition to the core works, Duratec also completed epoxy crack injection and concrete patch repairs.


  • The programme was completed during a 14 day shutdown utilising our inhouse trained and rail certified operatives.
  • The project required both day and nightshift crews for the duration of the works.


  • Concrete Repair

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