Mugga reservoir is approximately 60 years old and is in the Australian Capital Territory. It is a 45 megalitre water reservoir that supplies water to homes, schools and businesses. Additionally, the reservoir acts as a balancing tank for the Woden area.

Due to the age of the reservoir, Icon Water engaged Duratec to provide remedial works that would ensure the reservoir continues to provide drinking water safely and to the high-quality standard required, long into the future.


Key aspects of the works included:

  • Isolation and removal of redundant services and reinstatement of control panel to new position.
  • Construction of three crane pads to facilitate roof and structural works.
  • Removal of existing roof structure.
  • Replacement of steel structure and 7000sqm Colorbond roof sheets.
  • Repair and replacement of reservoir and roof access stairs and platforms.
  • Removal of existing asbestos positive joints.
  • Repairs to wall and floor joints, replacement of degraded internal concrete reservoir joints.
  • Crack injection repairs.
  • Embankment erosion repair works.


  • Waterproofing over 3,000 lineal metres of joints.
  • Structural design coordination on behalf of client.
  • Demolition and replacement of 7,000m2 roof.

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