Refurbishment works to the walkway and support beams of the dolphin at Berth 1.


Spanning 28 hectares, MMA’s Dampier Supply Base has a 6 berth wharf facility, open sealed laydown areas, undercover storage and offices capable of servicing the range of operators currently working in the north west shelf region.

The steel elements forming the walkway, support beams and dolphin had deteriorated and this had resulted in extensive corrosion and peeling of paint from the steel elements. The scope included:

Removal and fabrication of steel elements:
Including walkway support beam, access support beam, walkway mesh and anchor pins.

Blasting and painting (MMA slipway)
The walkway and access support beams were transported to MMA’s slipway for blasting and painting. Abrasive blasting using garnet grit was performed to remove all traces of
rust from the steel elements, which were then primed and painted and transported back to the dolphin for installation.

Blasting and painting (on site)
A scaffolding platform was used to facilitate access to the work areas and shrouding and encapsulation of the work zones was erected to capture debris generated during blasting and painting.

Dolphin reinstatement works:
The dolphin exhibited signs of deterioration from steel corrosion. In addition to blasting and painting works, grout remediation was also performed.


  • No safety or environmental issues occurred during these works.
  • The project was completed successfully within the original budget value.
  • As a result of these works, the working life of the dolphin and its steel elements has been significantly extended.


  • Abrasive Blasting & Painting
  • High Performance Coatings
  • Fender Repairs & Upgrades

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