Duratec was engaged by Broadspectrum to provide cathodic protection maintenance and monitoring services across all of the systems at Fleet Base West, HMAS Stirling.


Duratec’s Principle Engineer Liam Holloway, has over a decade of experience working with the various cathodic protection systems and structures on the Defence base. All of the systems on the base are unique, some with complex monitoring and control systems that require considered experience in order to be operated and maintained.

Duratec’s ability to diagnose and remedy issue with the performance and operation of the CP system provided the client with value for money. Our local presence also meant that we were able to respond swiftly to any breakdown situations.

Duratec also developed a comprehensive and robust performance monitoring system for all of the systems on the base. This provided a record of performance that can be reviewed in the event of a fault of breakdown to identify the root cause or conditions that may be triggering failures.me


  • Long term knowledge of the assets and systems provide client with value for money.
  • Ability to diagnose and remedy faults directly.
  • Robust documentation and records to establish sound performance history.


  • Condition Assessment
  • Durability Planning & Materials Selection
  • Cathodic Protection

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