Mooring Dolphin Repairs and Fender Upgrade.


The dolphin repair project included: hydro-demolition of concrete; reinstatement with gunite; removal and replacement of the fenders; installation of a hybrid CP system for the protection of the concrete reinforcement; Denso wrapping of dolphin piles; abrasive blasting and coating of steel along with all the logistics of undertaking a marine project.


  • The Duoguard hybrid cathodic protection system was installed to provide the client performance equivalent to traditional ICCP systems however with lower installation and ongoing costs. It requires no permanent power supply and provides protection exceeding 30 years.
  • Challenges included working in a remote marine environment with large tidal changes and 24 hour shift work to accommodate shipping outages.
  • The works required 24 skilled project personnel working in conjunction with diving and hydro-demolition subcontractors.
  • This project won an ACRA Award for Excellence in 2012.


  • Concrete Repair
  • Cathodic Protection Design
  • Remedial Engineering

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