Duratec was engaged by Dampier Salt to conduct an annual cathodic protection (CP) performance survey on the CP system installed to protect the external surfaces of the immersed and buried tubular steel piles supporting the Cape Cuvier Jetty, owned and operated by Dampier Salt Limited, Lake Macleod Division.


The jetty consists of a 591 m long access trestle supporting a trafficable roadway and conveyor, with a ship loader facility installed on a platform at the jetty head. Both the jetty access trestle and jetty head are substantially electrically continuous via the steel superstructure. There are six mooring pontoons providing berthing facilities for ships.

Duratec Engineers completed the CP performance monitoring in conjunction with DSL staff. The performance results with recommendations for the adjustment and ongoing maintenance of the system were issued in the form of an annual performance monitoring report.


  • Impressed current cathodic protection performance monitoring.
  • Works completed in conjunction with DSL staff to provide value for money to the client.
  • Ongoing monitoring and maintenance advice provided in a concise and practical checklist for DSL staff.


  • Condition Assessment
  • Durability Planning & Materials Selection
  • Cathodic Protection

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