As part of our ongoing remediation contract at Boddington Gold Mine, we were engaged to perform structural steel blasting and coating works.


The scope of works was to blast and paint all structural steelwork at the eastern end of CIL Train 2, including all bolted connections and brackets which connect the steelwork as well as the gantry crane beams.

A low pressure water clean of the steelwork and inspection was carried out by Duratec prior to abrasive blasting to inspect for holes in the steelwork.

Steelwork was blasted with GMA premium garnet to remove the defective coating. This was followed by the application of a two coat high build epoxy topcoat.

Additional protection required for the steel stanchions located inside the bund area. This protection was achieved by coating the bottom 1 metre where the steelwork is fixed to the concrete plinths with polyurethane.


  • Works were carried out with no disruption to mining operations.
  • Crew utilised a 34 foot knuckle boom to access all areas of steelwork which negated the need for scaffold.
  • Day and night-shift crews utilised to ensure that the works were completed on time, which meant that careful planning and QA monitoring was essential to ensure the application complied with the temperature specifications.
  • As a result of these works the overall working lifespan of the steelwork on CIL Train 2 has been protected and increased.


  • Abrasive Blasting & Painting
  • High Performance Coatings
  • Coating Inspection & Specifications

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