Duratec was engaged by Australian Marine Complex Management to prepare a technical specification for concrete repair works to the reinforced concrete deck and edge beams of the Common User Facility North Jetty at the Australian Marine Complex in Henderson, WA.


The investigation and specification works were part of the overall refurbishment scope, which included an upgrade to the fender system and pile wrapping works.

Duratec Engineers reviewed data from previous reports including concrete core sample analysis and visual inspections. A comprehensive visual and delamination inspection was made of the top deck to reconfirm the defect quantities.

A novel inspection camera mounted to an adaptable pole was used to inspect the underside of the deck without the need for boat access. This technique was able to save on access costs and reduce occupational hazards to the inspection engineers.

Cathodic protection performance monitoring was also completed to determine if there was an effective system in place. It was confirmed that the piles were not receiving protection from a sacrificial anode or impressed current system.


  • Technical specification for concrete repair.
  • Visual inspection of jetty deck soffit using wireless camera system without the need for boat access.
  • Cathodic protection testing to confirm is adequate system was present.


  • Condition Assessment
  • Durability Planning & Materials Selection
  • Pile Cleaning & Protection

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