Yara Pilbara is a large ammonia manufacturing complex located in Karratha.


The facility hosts numerous bunds for containing processing materials and avoiding soil contamination.

Over time the walls of these bunds had become deteriorated and Duratec was engaged to perform repairs to 15 bunds, ensuring their future structural integrity.

The scope included the safe disposal of all residual processing materials followed by pressurised water washing and degreasing. After a thorough inspection of the bunds to identify cracks on the concrete walls and floors, the defects were repaired and a primer and two coats of epoxy applied.


  • Damaged and deteriorated bund walls and plinths were repaired to original condition prior to coating repairs.
  • Duratec installed coving to all vertical edges to assist with liquid flow during operational conditions.
  • The works were completed without incident and ahead of schedule.


  • Flooring Systems
  • Acid Protection
  • High Performance Coatings

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