Duratec was engaged by Cambridge Gulf Limited (CGL) to provide engineering consultancy services relating to the failed ICCP anodes at the wharf facility of Wyndham Port.

Duratec’s Technical Division investigated the cause of failure and established a criteria for the new anode design, with particular consideration given to the unique local geological profile and tidal movements. This included:

  • A robust cable to anode connection.
  • Sufficient perforation to the anode casing without compromising its performance.
  • Lightweight composition, removing requirements for heavy lifting equipment.
  • Anode is easily retrievable for future inspection.
  • Appropriate material selection for the insulation of the anode cable tails.

In addition to the design, Duratec provided installation and commissioning supervision to the port operator, ensuring the system was left operating as intended and providing adequate protection to the immersed steel piles.


  • Innovative anode design formulated by Duratec.
  • The project presented challenges such as working above water, limited effective working hours due to huge variance in tide level.
  • Successful anode installation and commissioning within a short duration.


  • Cathodic Protection Design
  • Cathodic Protection

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