Duratec completed the application of coatings to the internals of leach tank 3 at Newmarket Gold’s Union Reef Gold Mine, 225km south of Darwin.


The tank’s internal surface was prepared by high pressure water blasting to remove any contamination and rust, which also allowed for inspection and repair of any worn areas.

Following steel repairs, the tank was abrasive blasted to AS1627.4 class 2.5 and a high build elastomeric urethane applied to the walls, floors, agitator shaft, blades, baffles and launder.


  • Leach tanks are the heart of the gold extraction process, so it’s vital they are well maintained as all abrasive slurries are aggressive to protective coatings and their underlying steel structures.


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  • Abrasive Blasting & Painting
  • High Performance Coatings

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