Constructed in 1961, the bridge over the Hastings River on Rawdon Island is an eight-span concrete structure with an overall length of 164 metres. A dive inspection in 2021 uncovered severe structural damage to the bridge piles. Duratec was engaged by Port Macquarie Hastings Council to carry out a level 3 inspection and it was on the back of this that Duratec was appointed to undertake the design and construction of the bridge repairs.

Scope of works

  • Level 3 inspection and report on bridge to determine condition and gain a greater understanding of any active or potential concrete deterioration mechanisms
  • Design of structural repairs to bridge piles and blade walls
  • Design of cathodic protection system
  • Construction of suspended scaffolding on bridge piers
  • Strengthening of bridge piles using a temporary steel formwork system with micro-piles, reinforcing cage and underwater grout infill
  • Installation of ICCP system and abutment scour protection
  • Concrete repairs to headstock and blade walls
  • Protective coating of concrete headstocks and blade walls


  • Early contractor involvement
  • Design and construction of repairs
  • Sensitive environmental conditions (microbat nest on bridge)
  • Expedited planning and delivery of emergency repair works

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