Duratec was engaged by Rio Tinto to replace and tension fender chains on Berth 1, Dolphin 5 at Cape Lambert, during a scheduled 8 day shutdown.


Duratec’s rope access team started with the worn tension chains cutting the corroded shackles free enabling the chains to be removed, tension chains were removed in sequence to eliminate additional strain on the remaining tension chains until the new tension chains were installed and tensioned realigning the fender to the dolphin.

The weight chains were removed and reinstalled with the aid of the “Hank” barge and its 11 ton hiab crane assisting with the heavy lifting of the brow guard back to its original level position.

Fender uplift chains were replaced with precise coordination between divers in the water who disconnected and reconnected the lower shackles below the water line and Duratec rope access personal who carried out the chain install and tensioning.


  • The team mobilise to site with all specialised equipment to carry out works inside the shutdown time frame, ensuring no disruption to port operations.
  • Duratec rope access team liaised well with divers in the water to enable works to be carried out simultaneously without any hazards above while divers were carrying out works below.
  • Clear communication during pre-start meeting outlined day to day schedule utilising barge, divers, engineers and rope access crew were working as a cohesive group with all risk/hazards identified and addressed prior to shift starts.
  • Rio Tinto HSEQ and CMS reps involved themselves in the working crew allowing team to build a good working base to ensure project ran smoothly and without incident.


  • Specialist Civil Services
  • Fender Repairs & Upgrades
  • Shutdowns

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