Duratec was engaged by Northerly Constructions to supply and install 80 steel beams to provide structural strengthening to concrete columns at 565 Hay Street.


This project is part of the complete refurbishment of the former Public Trustee Building and will included 11 stories of commercial offices and retail outlets at ground level.

The project included the placement of structural steel beams to columns providing strength and protection from seismic movement.

The concrete required patching with Sikadur 31/41 before the surface was cup grinded and the beams were glued in place using Sikadur epoxy adhesive.

Carbon fibre laminates were used to provide additional strengthening to a new concrete slab on the mezzanine level and large structural support beams required grouting on every level.


  • All grinding and steel preparation works was performed with vacuum attachments to minimise dust.
  • The steel beams were held in position using acro-props and clamps.
  • A protective epoxy coating was applied to the beams for corrosion protection.
  • 45 of the steel beams required on-site modifications which was realised after the building had been stripped.


  • Structural Strengthening
  • Remedial Engineering

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