Duratec was engaged to audit the condition and compliance of concrete and earth containment bunds for Rio Tinto Iron Ore on several sites in the north west of WA.


Containment bund integrity and compliance with AS 1940-2004 and EPA Guidelines are an important environmental and cost consideration for fuel bund asset owners in order to avoid any unwanted incidents.

The audit comprised visual assessment by a suitably experienced civil engineer, recording of defects both photographically and on proforma’s followed by the provision of a report detailing findings, the recommended remedial treatment and budget estimates of repair.


  • This service importantly provides the containment bund asset owners with the required specialist information and knowledge on the current condition of their bunds and the need for any remediation works to avoid environmental incidents in the event of an uncontrolled spillage.


  • Condition Assessment
  • Non Destructive Testing & Structural Health Monitoring


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