Duratec was engaged by Stanwell Energy to undertake a visual condition survey of the cooling towers and adjacent elements at the Tarong Power Station, located approximately 200km north-east of Brisbane.


The cooling tower concrete elements were inspected in detail to identify various concrete defects such as cracking, spalling and exposed steel reinforcement. Each type of defect was assessed by an experienced remedial engineer to determine the appropriate repair product and methodology.

During the inspection the typical defects identified were:

  • Concrete delamination.
  • Concrete spalling with exposed steel reinforcing.
  • Concrete cracking.

A detailed methodology was provided to the client, comprising a customised formwork, and specialised access system to the work area. This included a specific product selection designed to provide adequate protection to the concrete elements given their current exposure.

All findings were presented in a concise report including plain language explanation of the root causes of deterioration, location of all defects marked up on drawings and remediation options inclusive of realistic budget estimates.


  • Carried out a detailed inspection within the proposed time frame.
  • Identified various concrete defects that were showing deterioration of the structural elements.
  • Provided a detailed methodology for repairs complete with access requirements, customised formwork solution and product recommendation.


  • Condition Assessment
  • Non Destructive Testing & Structural Health

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