The Replacement Aviation Refuelling Vehicles Infrastructure Project will upgrade Defence fuel infrastructure nationally.


The project includes supply and installation of plant, equipment, labour and materials for construction, testing, commissioning and certification of all works to produce fully functional ARVFs including:

  • Temporary bunding
  • Demolition works.
  • General civil works.
  • Road pavement works.
  • Bunded hardstand works (including repair).
  • Vehicle shelter works.
  • Electrical works.
  • Drainage works.
  • Hydraulic works.
  • Fuel works.
  • Service relocation/protection works.
  • Security works.
  • Contamination works.


  • Construction of new asphalt/concrete access roads to enable access to new shelters.
  • Construction of steel structures to be used for aviation refuelling vehicle fleet.
  • Hazardous area electrical works.


  • Fuel Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Electrical Upgrades

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