The Commercial Fisherman’s Base consists of four jetty
fingers A-D.


The jetties are constructed from octagonal piles supporting steel braced frame with a cast in-situ concrete deck. The jetties are generally used by commercial fishing vessels and required to be in service for the next 10 to 20 years before the next major maintenance cycle.

Duratec was contracted by Ports North to carry out concrete repairs to the deck to extend the service life of the structure.

The scope included:

  • Removal of deteriorated concrete by hydro-demolition.
  • Clean of reinforcing steel and carry out of strengthening work.
  • Reinstatement of concrete by Gunite to original concrete profile.
  • Application of silane coating to the concrete surfaces.


  • Project was completed within a short duration to reduce downtime to the facility. Coordination with Ports North operations was critical to ensure that commercial operators were not disrupted during jetty closures.
  • Service life of the jetties are extended as intended.
  • Working around existing services and tidal constraints.


  • Concrete Repair

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