Duratec’s Specialist Access Division are supplying a complete 
under jetty access system to enable concrete repair and 
corrosion control works to the 200m long Nelson Point Wharf in Port Hedland.


An alternative to traditional scaffolding, a suspended deck access system is a dynamic and versatile work platform specifically designed for under-deck areas on bridges and jetties. Each installation is fully engineered to the load requirement of a project and the structure it is suspended from.

Installed by our Rope Access Technicians, the deck is continuously dismantled behind, and installed ahead of the work crew, so they can move onto the next remediation area with no downtime. Because of the system’s simplicity, installation and dismantling is fast.

This versatile system is also ideal for use on onshore and offshore facilities and offers significant time and cost savings compared to traditional scaffolding.


  • The suspended deck and safety net system enables crew to work safely without the need for rope access.
  • The deck system will enable the wharf to remain fully operational as it does not interfere with shipping access.
  • Working with a tidal zone of 12m+ tides. Duratec’s grid mesh decks with locking system can be immersed in water.
  • The installation took place during cyclone season. Duratec’s decks can be removed in preparation for the cyclone and the remaining structure can remain in place. The height adjustability allows for raising of the decks for work scope access or weather condition mitigation.
  • Access is required to accommodate installation around vertical and raked pile structures. Duratec has provided a range of decking sizes which integrate with customised
    timber in-fills around the angled piles.


  • Height Safety Systems Design & Installation

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