The London Woolstore Apartments, previously known as the Australian Mercantile Land and Finance Woolstore (AML&F) was constructed in the early 1910s to store wool bales.


The building was converted to a 89 unit residential apartment and retail tenancy in 2006. The structure has been registered under the Heritage Council (Heritage Place No. 600327).

Duratec was contracted to carry out refurbishment works to the timber windows and various brickwork repair.

The scope included:

  • Crack repair to brickwork.
  • Mortar repointing to loosely adhered mortar.
  • Replacement of debonded glass putty.
  • Repair deteriorated timber sills.
  • Application of a three coat protective coating over timber window frame.
  • Installation of joint sealant between brickwork and timber frame.


  • Assisted body corporate to receive heritage grant.
  • Maintained parking and access to commercial tenancy throughout project.


  • Facade Refurbishments

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