Lend Lease engaged Duratec to undertake the 10.95m2 of concrete repair and 114m of crack repair on the cope beams; the areas identified by Aurecon that required immediate attention.


Aurecon was engaged to carry out investigation works to the concrete caissons in the Barangaroo Central Section, and to specify a repair methodology that will provide a design life of 10 years. Aurecon then identified the areas which had deteriorated due to chloride contamination within the tidal and splash zones.

Works undertaken by Duratec included:

  • Providing access to cope beams using steel punts.
  • Removal of delaminated concrete.
  • Replacement of corroded steel.
  • Concrete reinstatement by patch repair method. Crack repair using rout and fill method.


  • Repair works were carried out on a series of steel punts which provided a more stable working environment than boats and pontoons. Since the repair sizes were relatively small, these punts also gave us the flexibility to work on multiple areas simultaneously.
  • Works were carried out in one of the busiest harbours in New South Wales.


  • Concrete Repair

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