Duratec was engaged by KBSB Engineering to perform deck coatings to tug pen pontoon fingers at the King Bay Supply Base (KBSB) facility.


KBSB is the logistics hub for both the onshore and offshore facilities of Woodside and its joint ventures partners.

The facility incorporates an eight berth tug pen consisting of four floating pontoon fingers which provide personnel, light vehicle and forklift access to the berthed vessels for operational and minor maintenance tasks.

As part of the ongoing maintenance and sustaining capital program, the tug pen pontoons were identified as requiring repairs and reinstatement of protective coatings to extend their service life. The scope included:

  • Installation of shrouding.
  • Ultra-high pressure water blasting to remove existing coatings.
  • Abrasive blasting using GMA to a 21/2 class blast.
  • Application of an epoxy primer to DFT 30μm.
  • Application of two coats of an epoxy barrier coat to 500μm each.
  • Application of sand seed with AFM2-1 at 2.5kg/m3 to create a non-slip deck system.


  • The coating system selected by Duratec is specifically designed for use in offshore splashzone maintenance, where its continued cure under immersed conditions makes it ideal for coping with tidal movements and surges. It also has excellent cathodic disbondment resistance.
  • The works were completed within the Pilbara Ports Authority’s environmental protection zone, using full encapsulation for zero spent abrasive discharge


  • Abrasive Blasting & Painting
  • High Performance Coatings
  • Coating Inspection & Specifications

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