Duratec was engaged by Western Power to conduct a technical survey of the prestressed concrete sun hoods on the external of the northern facade of the building at 363 Wellington Street, Perth.


Most of the external survey was performed by rope access professionals who noted and photographed any visible defects.

The Northern facade consists of 88 prestressed concrete sun hoods and is top coated with vinyl and an exposed aggregate render finish underneath. Each sun hood is supported by 4 stainless steel dowels with retention cleats.

The purpose of this survey was to undertake a visual condition assessment of 44 prestressed concrete sun hoods, check the presence of retaining cleats providing lateral restraint on the element and to provide recommendations in terms of any remediation. Based on the findings from the visual inspection there was evident cracking and minor spalling on the concrete cover of the sun hoods.

All findings were presented in a concise report including plain language explanation of the root causes of deterioration, remediation options and inclusive of realistic budget estimates to repair the building.


  • Rope access is a nationally accredited skill and is regarded as one of the safest forms of access as well as being fast and cost effective.
  • All works were completed during weekend with no disruption to building occupants or visitors.
  • Dust samples were collected on every floor level for the determination of chloride content on the sun hoods.


  • Condition Assessment
  • Non Destructive Testing & Structural Health

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