Duratec was engaged by Independence Group to survey a selection of fine-ore bin wear plates.


The survey was performed using visual and ultrasonic testing methods to determine cross-sectional material loss and general condition of all plates, with the data collected forming a condition assessment that is representative of overall wear plate condition.

The purpose of the survey was to gather sufficient data to provide an indicative representation of the overall condition of wear plates within the fine ore bin, and further; to ascertain an estimated number of plates requiring replacement.

To facilitate this, Duratec utilised rope access methods as the primary means of ingress to and egress from the fine ore bin, together with non-destructive testing methods for data collection.


  • Ultrasonic thickness testing.
  • Confined space entry and gas testing.
  • All works completed via rope access.
  • Job completed safely and in a timely manner.
  • Received positive client feedback for all aspects of the works.


  • Confined Space
  • Condition Assessment

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