As part of a bridge refurbishment project, Duratec was
engaged by DoD with GHD as the novated designer to install a Vibrating Wire Gauge (VWG) at 5 expansion joints to enable monitoring of bridge movement at any point in time.


Due to the corroded state of the bridge expansion joints and other elements, some of these joints had ceased functioning and restricted longitudinal movement of the bridge structure to accommodate movement, shrinkage and temperature variations. With no or minimal movement allowed, the bridge may move out of place in extreme conditions or be subject to defects and cracks of the reinforced concrete structural elements. Given the close proximity of the superstructure to the mean sea level, any defects within the reinforced concrete may lead to long term durability issues.

Duratec’s scope was to install vibrating wire gauges over expansion joints complete with remote monitoring data logger and 3G wireless modem. The data logger and communication devices were installed on site and secured within an IP67 stainless steel enclosure. Each wire gauge has protection housing against weathering and minor impact.

Duratec is currently responsible for monitoring the bridge movements during the ongoing repair works. Upon completion of the remedial works, Duratec will be able to carry out routine inspection or monitoring or provide training for DoD representatives.


  • The DoD is able to monitor live movements at the expansion joints of the bridge at any point in time via a remote monitoring system.
  • In the event of an unusual / excessive movement, an alarm will be triggered to alert monitoring personnel.


  • Bridge Maintenance

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