Swan Island is significant as a cultural landscape containing a rich collection of historic elements including fortification earthworks, battery emplacements, an underground command
centre and tunnel network, jetties and buildings relating to early coastal defence in south-eastern Australia.


Duratec has been engaged by the Department of Defence to retain the integrity of the c1880 battery structures and to slow their rate of deterioration. It is not intended, nor appropriate to
make these structures appear new or in pristine condition, but to present them honestly, as they are presently found. The works will include:

  • Application of corrosion inhibitors to cast iron elements, maintaining their existing uncoated (rusting) appearance.
  • Structural remediation works to basalt capping blocks at various magazine store entrances.
  • New AC pavement to guy emplacements in location of original bitumen pavement, ensuring water is drained away from the mass concrete battery structures and thereby reducing soil movements and cracking.
  • Clearing of vegetation away from retaining walls and upper concrete aprons and replacing with turf to control sand erosion and sediments.


  • Working adjacent to magazine tunnels, stringent precautions have been implemented to ensure these facilities are protected.


  • Preservation of Heritage Structures
  • Specialist Civil Services

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