HMAS Stirling, also known as Fleet Base West is the Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN) base located on Garden Island, approximately 35km south of Perth. It provides operational and logistical support to the RAN surface fleet, submarines and aircraft stationed in WA.


Duratec was engaged to complete the civil component of the ME1 project – air conditioning, chillers and boiler system upgrade – as part of the HMAS Stirling 3A base redevelopment.

Due to the buried communication cables, slot holes were required at sufficient increments to delineate precise locations so that digging could commence.

The work scope required the removal and installation of 9 new service pits and removal of sections of the old culvert system. However, upon further investigation, it was clear that all of the culverts needed to be replaced. Originally the total length to be replaced was 710m, but a further 159m was added to the scope.

One of the challenges of this project was that in select areas, high concentrations of services and communication cables were located. To circumvent this, Duratec personnel designed,
formed and cast in-situ sections providing direction changes, or modifications to the original service pit designs.


  • Cost and time savings by utilising a shoring system for retaining soil closer to the work area. This required less backfilling and streamlined the work fronts.
  • Implementing a viable alternative in overcoming the relocation of existing services.


  • Specialist Civil Services

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