Hansen Yuncken utilised Duratec’s expertise to supply and install a bespoke warm roof solution for the Flinders Medical Centre expansion project in southern Adelaide.


The system encompasses the latest technology in both tapered external insulation and insurance backed PVC waterproofing membranes. By selecting an exterior tapered insulation system, the client benefitted from significant cost savings during construction by removing the need for expensive screed to falls on the flat roof area.

Designed specifically for the project the system achieves the desired R value for the build. To protect and fully seal the area a fleece backed PVC membrane was installed over the insulation and protection board. This heat welded membrane provides a robust waterproofing solution that can be loaded with drainage cells and paver stools.

Scope of works:

  • Laying of aluminium foil faced vapour barrier to concrete slab.
  • Placement of PIR insulating boards cut to falls (1:60) bespoke for the project surface area.
  • Installation of 12mm lightweight, high strength 12,000kpa Gypsum-Fiber Roof Board.
  • Installation of 1mm fibre reinforced PVC sheet membrane using adhesive and heat welded systems.

In addition to the practical benefits of the system the PVC membrane is offered with a unique 3rd party insurance backed warranty giving the client the ultimate assurance that any future issues will be covered and funded.


  • Warm roof systems provide a warmer, drier and more energy efficient building environment.
  • This is the first time this type of roof system has been installed in Australia and highlights Duratec’s commitment to innovation by offering the latest technology to our clients.


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  • Waterproofing

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