Firm Construction engaged the services of Duratec to provide waterproofing to the loading dock area of the CVA office and warehouse at QR National, in Welshpool.


The specified system was Sikaproof A – a fully and permanent bonded composite waterproofing membrane that is installed under reinforced concrete slabs and below ground structures, to protect buildings from rising groundwater.

It consists of an embossed membrane laminated with a unique sealant grid and a non-woven fleece. SikaProof A is cold-applied before the steel reinforcement is fixed and the concrete slab is poured.

The total area was over 600m2 and 1.5m deep. A variety of different sealing techniques were used to completely seal the slab, including Sikaflex Pro, expanding fillers and tapes.


  • Sikaproof A is self-adhesive and no welding is required.
  • The unique sealant grid stops the lateral migration of moisture through the membrane in case of any penetrations.
  • The project was completed in multiple stages due to concrete pours and curing times, in two separate areas.
  • Several design meetings were held with the consultant, builder and supplier to finalise the installation details.


  • Flooring Systems
  • Waterproofing

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