The Dampier Cargo Wharf (DCW) was constructed in 1982, and provides seven berths for the loading and provisioning of vessels servicing the marine industry and offshore oil and gas fields.


The fenders on the western side of the DCW were in poor condition and Duratec was engaged to replace the old high maintenance ones with a more modern and durable design for an extended service life.

The scope of work included:

  • Removal of the existing cylindrical fender system.
  • Concrete remediation works on the berth face and fender attachment points to reinstate suitable fixing points for the fenders, including remediation of mechanical fastenings.
  • Installation of a replacement cone fender system.

To minimise disruption, the wharf components were manufactured off-site and works implemented in two stages (half of the wharf length at a time) to ensure that essential customer services were maintained.


  • Duratec developed an over edge access system and aluminium suspended access platform to allow removal and installation of fender frames including bracing stays without being restricted by tidal movements.
  • Whilst overseas fabrication was looked at as being a low cost option, successful negotiation with WA country based fabrication and a desire to procure locally resulted in the fabrication and coating work remaining in WA.
  • Duratec addressed the problem of the removal of the existing fenders and installation of new fenders (including bracing stays over water) by lifting them with a land based crane whilst disconnecting the back stays (utilising divers for the lower disconnections) and lowering the rear of the back stays with remote controlled 12 volt winches (mounted on rated anchor points set into the underside of the concrete wharf) onto floatation bags. Once resting on the bags, the back stays were towed out by a Duratec vessel and lifted out utilising the existing crane.


  • Specialist Civil Services
  • Fender Repairs & Upgrades
  • Technical Lifting & Rigging

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