Cullen Bay holiday resort in Darwin was constructed over 20 years ago and comprises a nine storey holiday apartment block, upper and lower reinforced concrete basement car park and a ground floor swimming and leisure area.


Duratec was initially engaged to undertake a visual inspection and a CorroMap survey of the concrete which highlighted widespread cracking, delamination and spalling of the concrete elements. Water ingress had initiated efflorescence cracking and active corrosion of the concrete reinforcement.

Following the survey, Duratec was engaged to perform repairs to the pool deck including installing a new waterproof membrane, tiling and carpet.

The works also included concrete repairs and replacement of panel supports to the underground car parks.


  • Works completed on time and to budget.
  • Works completed with minimal disruption to building occupants and visitors.
  • High quality finish to pool and car park areas.
  • Concrete repairs included conventional form and pour and pour utilising galvanic sacrificial anodes with high strength micro crack pours.


  • Flooring Systems
  • Concrete Repair
  • Waterproofing

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