Duratec was engaged by Aqwest to perform grouting and joint repair works to a 79 million litre water tank as part of their Tech Reservoir Refurbishment Stage 3.


The existing joint sealing system had failed and was causing water leaks.

The grouting works included:

  • Grouting beneath roof support columns.
  • Filing voids and soft/loose zones underneath the floor of the reservoir.
  • Reinforcing soil materials underneath the reservoir floor to form a pattern of grout columns.
  • Providing watertight repairs to core holes drilled for grouting and investigation purposes.

The joint repairs included:

  • Surface preparation and minor remediation of concrete in the vicinity of the construction joints.Installation of steel reinforcement bars.
  • Grouting of joints.
  • Installation of a surface sealing system.
  • Installation of batten system.

Design and construction of a safety system:

As the majority of the works took place on the incline of the reservoir batter, Duratec provided a custom-designed skating platform designed to move up and down the batters on winches.


  • Working in the restricted environment of a tank.
  • By the completion of the project 1,200 metres of Combiflex, 10,000 litres of microfine grout injection and 89,000 of GP grout injection had been installed.


  • Precision Grouting
  • Joint Sealing

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