Duratec Australia was engaged by Defence SA to undertake a coating inspection of the structural steel elements of the ship lift at the Adelaide Tech Port, Port Adelaide, South Australia.


With the structures proximity to the ocean, the steel elements are showing the early signs of deterioration. Typical defects include coating failure and surface corrosion along edges and corners, and as such the primary requirement for the inspection was to quantify the areas requiring repair.

Both the top and under side of the structure was inspected, the latter by means of a small tender boat used to work around the fluctuating tides.

As a result of conducting the inspection, further areas of deterioration were identified on surrounding concrete and steel elements that will also require remediation.

The findings of the inspection were presented in a concise report including plain language explanation of the mechanisms of deterioration, suitable remediation options and the quantities for repair


  • Difficult access conditions were overcome by utilising a small tender and working around the tides to inspect the low clearances under the structural elements.
  • The inspection was carried out in a single day with no disruption to the running of the facility.
  • The client received a formal report which clearly explained the findings of the inspection and suggested remedial options.


  • Condition Assessment
  • Coating Inspection & Specifications

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