Duratec Australia was engaged by FMG/Plant Performance to undertake a site wide condition assessment of the reinforced concrete structures at FMG port operations in Port Hedland, WA.


Construction of FMG Port Hedland began in 2007/2008 with core infrastructure built to facilitate iron ore shipments. Due to the harsh marine environment the structures are now showing varying signs of deterioration.

A visual inspection of the concrete elements was undertaken with the type, extent and location of all defects observed photographed and recorded on a numbered schedule and sketch plan. Additionally, random cover meter readings were taken across the site to determine if the observed deterioration has an increased risk of corrosion of the reinforcement.

The condition of the elements was found to vary across the facility and as such risk ratings were assigned to the individual defect types to highlight areas that require urgent attention and to formulate an order of priority for any remediation works.

All findings were presented in a concise report including plain language explanation of the root causes of deterioration, remediation options and realistic budget estimates to repair the structures in each area.


  • All works were completed with no disruption to site operations.
  • Risk ratings were assigned to defect types to formulate an order of priority for remediation.
  • The client received a formal report which clearly explained the issues identified across the site and how they may be addressed to extend the life of the concrete structures.


  • Condition Assessment
  • Non Destructive Testing & Structural Health

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