Victoria Barracks Melbourne was named in honour of Queen Victoria and is a prominent Victorian landmark, located opposite the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens and near the Shrine of Remembrance.


The site is roughly 1,000m from the Melbourne CBD and the A Block fronting St Kilda Road
stands as one of the most imposing 19th century government buildings in Victoria.

The barracks are historically important for their association with Australia’s Defence from its construction (commencing in 1856) at a time when British Imperial troops defended the colonies and it functioned as the nation’s Defence headquarters from Australia’s Federation in 1901 until 1958. It housed the War Cabinet during World War Two.

Successive Prime Ministers, Defence Ministers and Defence Secretaries have used the offices and meeting rooms at Victoria Barracks.

This project delivers maintenance upgrade works to the base including building restoration, lift upgrades, CCTV additions, base wide alert system extensions and end of life replacement works.


  • Internal and external refurbishment, structural repair, painting, carpet replacement, blinds replacement and roofing works.
  • Ablutions and HVAC upgrades.
  • Lift upgrades, CCTV additions and BWAS extensions.


  • Preservation of Heritage Structures
  • Building Fit Out
  • Electrical Upgrades

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