The Inspection Head Wharf is located at Beauty Point on the western bank of the Tamar River in Tasmania.


The wharf was built in two stages in 1953 and 1963. It was formerly a working port, but is now primarily a tourist attraction, with some berthing for smaller vessels.

The scope of works comprised the remediation of the concrete elements of the wharf such as longitudinal and transverse beams, fender beams, concrete piles and the underside of the deck, including:

  • Removal of the delaminated and cracked concrete by hydro demolition.
  • Augmentation of the steel reinforcing with additional reo bars.
  • Fitting of sacrificial anodes to the reinforcing.
  • Replacement of the concrete cover with gunite product and protection of the entire concrete with a silane coating.
  • The works also included a dive inspection to 440 steel tubular piles on the northern wharf section and 370 concrete piles on the southern wharf section.


  • The tourist businesses on the wharf attract up to 350 tourists per day and remained open during the remediation works.
  • Challenges included working with 3.5m tides and adverse weather conditions.


  • Concrete Repair
  • Abrasive Blasting & Painting
  • Cathodic Protection

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