Duratec was engaged to complete concrete remediation works and an ongoing maintenance contract was established.


The 1,400 megawatt sub-critical Tarong Power Station is located 45km south east of Kingaroy in the South Burnett region of Queensland. Construction began in 1979, with the first power unit commissioned in 1984. As a result of very good maintenance and new coal reserves found at nearby Meandu Mine, the power station is likely to operate until 2035.

Since arriving on site in February last year Duratec’s work scope has varied. Initial works comprised the rectification of dilapidated concrete on the cooling tower and continued to include acid proofing of chemical bunds, structural condition inspections, cable tray installation, blasting and painting, concrete repair, waterproofing and grout installation.

The purpose of the works is to maintain the integrity of the structures in which they are incorporated through to the station de-commissioning in 2035.


  • Waterproofing the slot bunker escape tunnel. Every cold joint in the tunnel was leaking water as it was situated below the water table. Duratec came up with a system that stopped the water egress even with the high negative water pressure.
  • Installing approximately 150m of cable tray around the cooling tower. The structural integrity of the wall was inadequate to hold the weight of the tray/service, so Duratec designed and fabricated a customised stainless steel bracket to overcome this challenge.


  • Concrete Repair

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